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Get Passionate About Fitness: Workouts You Might Love To Do

Getting into shape can be a nightmare if you fail to find a form of exercise that you enjoy. The truth is that there will be a trial and error stage of this. You could find that you love to play pickup basketball at the gym a few days per week. Being competitive can allow a person to exercise and feel like they are playing rather than working out. The one aspect you have to remember is to take it easy during the first few weeks you are exercising. You want to make sure you do not get injured so make sure you are working out in the proper attire. The following are workouts that could help you get passionate about fitness.

Group Fitness Gyms like Crossfit 

Group fitness gyms like that of Crossfit can create a sense of community. Telling another member that you will be there the next day is a form of accountability. The competitive nature of these workouts can also drive you to push yourself to the next level. Trying one of these workouts or joining one of these gyms is not something that you will regret in the near future. 

Training for a Triathlon 

Training for a triathlon can allow you to do a variety of workouts during the week. You should be hitting the pool for a swim a few days a week. The yardage that you swim in the pool should directly relate to the length of your swim leg of the race you are training for. Running and biking can be done to your liking as some people prefer to train on a Peloton or run on a treadmill. Be careful during heavy training as you need to make your physical recovery a priority. 

Lifting Weights 

Lifting weights is a form of exercise that a number of people enjoy. Tracking your progress can gain your interest as simply doing a generic workout without tracking makes it difficult to maintain motivation. Getting on a weight lifting program to build strength can allow a person to bulk up or tone their body composition. Working with a personal trainer such as is an option if you do not have experience with lifting weights. The ideal situation is lifting weights weekly with a friend as they can help spot you and push you on days where you simply don’t want to put in an honest effort. 


Finding the right yoga teacher can make a huge difference in your desire to attend class. Yoga teacher training is essential if you want to become certified as an instructor, or gain a better understanding of the practice. You do not have to go to live workouts as you can take on a yoga workout from the comfort of home. Zoom sessions are available but make sure you pick a workout that is at your experience level. Getting discouraged becomes far easier when you cannot do certain movements or hold them for a fraction of a second. 

Getting passionate about fitness is all about finding a form of exercise that you can be passionate about. All people have different interests so you will have to explore your options.

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