Rogue Magazine News Gennady Podolsky Shows You How You Can Become a Digital Nomad

Gennady Podolsky Shows You How You Can Become a Digital Nomad

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Has there ever been a better time to take your work on the road? The rise of the digital lifestyle blending with the realities of COVID-19 made for a huge shift in the cultural zeitgeist. As more and more folks begin to learn to love working from home, expect lifestyles like that of the digital nomad to continue growing more and more popular.

Gennady Podolsky is a world-renowned travel expert, writer, and digital nomad. An exceptional guide with a focus on solving problems, Podolsky has helped numerous clients find their way to a better experience.

Now, Podolsky is opening up on what it means to work as a digital nomad. Let’s explore his lifestyle to see how others can follow in his adventurous footsteps.

Gennady Podolsky and the Lifestyle of a Nomad

A digital nomad is a lifestyle that is as simple as it is complicated. Digital nomads travel the world with their work, taking time to operate out of various locales before moving on to the next one. Podolsky travels to warmth during the winter and cool air during the summer, ensuring he is always comfortable while on the road.

Podolsky says, “You can work from anywhere. There’s a huge movement around the world of people doing this.” With COVID-19 shaking up antiquated notions of productivity and stability in a traditional office settting, more and more employers are relinquishing the traditional working structure. Thus, increasing numbers of working adults are suddenly free to choose where they want to live on factors outside of the proximity to the office.

Gennady Podolsky believes that digital nomads should continue becoming more and more popular and common throughout the world. Podolsky points to nations like Georgia and Barbados where digital nomad visas are now available so that remote workers can stay in the country for up to a year at a time.

Ensuring Success as a Digital Nomad

While Gennady Podolsky has made a name for himself as a travel expert and nomad he didn’t get to that point without making a few mistakes along the way. Podolsky took some time to break down a few steps that could lead to success for followers in his footsteps.

  • Set a Realistic Budget – First and foremost, digital nomads need to be realistic about their budget so that they can live the freeform unstructured life that they are seeking. Adopt a monthly budget and make sure to stick to it!
  • Find Safe Living – Life on the road doesn’t have to be risky. Take time to find safe community living solutions that are near hospitals, emergency rooms, or other convenient amenities.
  • Set Communication Guidelines – If you are traveling somewhere but don’t share a common tongue, set yourself up for success with translation devices and applications. Clear and prescient communication is a foundational point for success as a nomad.

Gennady Podolsky is a firm believer in the digital nomad lifestyle, and it is something that he has always leaned on. Podolsky stated, “This is how I live. This is how all of my staff lives. This is kind of what we do. Everybody’s on the same page about this.”