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Yin Yang

Yin Yang

White Vest:  Agnieszka Kopek /  Black Vest:  Giacomo Conti /  Black Pants:  Synthetic

White Vest: Agnieszka Kopek / Black Vest: Giacomo Conti / Black Pants: Synthetic

Dress:  Agnieszka Kopek /  Jean Button-Up Shirt:  River Island

Dress: Agnieszka Kopek / Jean Button-Up Shirt: River Island

White Top:  Maya Baczynska /  Black Suit:  Synthetic

White Top: Maya Baczynska / Black Suit: Synthetic

Shirt:  Giacomo Conti /  Pants:  Synthetic /  Socks:  Vintage /  Shoes : H&M

Shirt: Giacomo Conti / Pants: Synthetic / Socks: Vintage / Shoes: H&M

White Pants:  Agnieszka Kopek /  Dress:  Maya Baczynska   

White Pants: Agnieszka Kopek / Dress: Maya Baczynska


White Pants:  Agnieszka Kopek /  Dress:  Maya Baczynska /  Black Bra:  Agnieszka Kopek /  White Skirt:  Maya Baczynska

White Pants: Agnieszka Kopek / Dress: Maya Baczynska / Black Bra: Agnieszka Kopek / White Skirt: Maya Baczynska

Jean Shirt:  River Island /  Dress:  Maya Baczynska

Jean Shirt: River Island / Dress: Maya Baczynska

White Top & Skirt:  Maya Baczynska /  Black Top & Skirt:  Agnieszka Kopek

White Top & Skirt: Maya Baczynska / Black Top & Skirt: Agnieszka Kopek

Black Top & Skirt:  Agnieszka Kopek /  Button-Up Shirt:  Giacomo Conti /  Pants:  Synthetic   

Black Top & Skirt: Agnieszka Kopek / Button-Up Shirt: Giacomo Conti / Pants: Synthetic


Photographer: Marta Kaczmarek

Makeup & Hair: Kasia Bialy

Stylists: Patryk Wajer & Lukasz Kuspiel

Model: Weronika @ Uncover Models

Model: Marcin @ United for Models




Jim Sturgess

Jim Sturgess