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Victoria Moroles

Victoria Moroles

Rising actress, Victoria Moroles may be living the quintessential ideal that most young performers dream about. At 10 years-old, she left Texas to feel out the industry in LA, and has landed roles on two major network television series before her 19th birthday. After speaking with Victoria, who spoke to us just after leaving yet another audition, it is clear that she isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

Moroles recently broke into the mainstream pop culture in her role as Hayden Romero on MTV’s Teen Wolf, and not just as any character, but as the latest love interest of the Teen Wolf himself. Before that, she could be seen playing the quirky, joke-cracking Andie on Disney channel’s Liv and Maddie.

Although these shows draw more of an adolescent fan-base, don’t be so quick to dismiss this actress as juvenile. Insightful and more wise beyond her years than her coming-of-age roles give her credit for, Moroles speaks to us about some of her passion projects, juggling roles and staying in touch with who she is.

While filming last year, Moroles was often working on both shows during the same week, sometimes even the same day. “I play Andie in front of a live audience where I’m essentially in a kid’s world and it’s so fun! She’s a goofy, tomboy so I get to express my inner child and the dorky side of myself. Then Hayden’s character is complex. She has a strong persona and puts up a tough front as a wall to hide her vulnerability.” Moroles then jokes, “They’re both the ‘tough-girl’ roles. For some reason I’m always getting those.”

Switching from bubbly, Disney sitcom to a dark, teen drama, Moroles was able to to develop her acting skills  in a major way, and even learn more about herself in the process. “I think each of them as a part of me in them.. As an actor you feel so much so it’s important to keep yourself grounded. As long as I’m in touch with myself, the easier it is to get into my other characters.”

With new experience and insight into character development, Moroles looks to actresses like Viola Davis, for her confidence and powerful presence and Jennifer Lawrence for her genuine personality. “As an actor you feel so much. You could go weeks of working non-stop then weeks of no work at all. The instability might not be good for your well being so it’s important to keep yourself sane. So I look to people who are strong, genuine, and very connected with who they are.”

Earlier you mentioned that it’s important to you to stay in touch with yourself. What are your creative outlets outside of work?

I play the guitar! I would love to be a musician, but it’s kind of something I do privately. It’s a world to just be my own in, and I don't think I’m ready to open that up to anyone. I also love to bake. I definitely consider cooking an art. It’s a way to express yourself and get creative.

As for some other aspects of your life, your uncle was a famous sculptor and you recently started a foundation in his name. Can you tell us about that?

My uncle, Jesus Moroles, was a pretty renowned granite sculptor. He was super passionate about educating young artists and spent a lot of time with kids teaching creative programs. He recently passed away and my sister and I were passionate about preserving his art and his mission. It officially became a nonprofit in September.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

My uncle never thought he was gifted. He just called himself a hard worker. My family always says, “Give it 150%. Don’t give it your all, give it more than your all.” It’s as simple as that. If you want something, work hard and push yourself to get it! To this day, my Grandpa will ask me after I have an audition if I gave it 150%.

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Photography by Catie Lafoon
Written by Alisha Wexler
Make-up by Kimberly Bragalone




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