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Beauty Editor's Skincare Picks of 2016

Beauty Editor's Skincare Picks of 2016

Méreadesso Skincare

Traveling is the best opportunity to use all those skincare samples we accumulate, a chance to try new products without bringing the bulk. Recently I took this incredibly travel-friendly skin cleanser & moisturizer by Mèreadesso. I loved not having the extra bulk of more bottles and the spill-proof bags fit among my myriad of other products. The cleanser may remove some makeup but I needed to use a dedicated product to get all mine off first. I loved the texture of my skin after using the Mèreadesso cleanser. My skin felt soft and clean. The moisturizer became my daily go-to day cream. The green tint hid all redness in my skin. My skin felt restored, supple and hydrated all day. I don't use a makeup primer everyday, and the finish of this cream was a perfect prep before application. I was also impressed by the amount of product for a travel size skincare, which makes it a great deal. Try it and it may find its way from your luggage to the medicine cabinet.

La Roche-Posay Anthelios 50 Mineral Daily Tone Correcting Primer

"La Roche-Posay, the company known for 15 years of advanced research in UV rays, is launching their first ever tone correcting primer with 100% mineral sunscreen. This breakthrough formula is tinted to help those with light to medium skin tones conceal uneven areas due to factors including visible sun damage, redness, dark spots, acne marks, melasma. The innovative Optical Blurring Technology produces a soft-focus effect to provide skin with an even canvas."

I've always been a believer in importance of wearing SPF daily. What I don't love is the dreaded "white face" I see in old photos from flash photography. Lucky for us, La Roche-Posay just released a new sunblock. It's tinted color works great for evening out fair-light skin tones like mine. But on a friend who has a medium-yellow base, this looked too pink when we snapped a photo. It does have a great finish, doubling up as a makeup primer. I wore it while tanning by the pool, and it seemed to last through some sweaty time in the sun. Plus, no white face in my selfie.

Trilogy Skincare: Skin food from Down Under

I had only been using Trilogy rosehip oil line for a week when the compliments starting rolling in. I was sold. When I got the 4 samples, I decided to use only them for a couple weeks so I would easily see attribute any changes to the skincare. I used the Cream Cleanser, 3 drops of rosehip oil, and the Vital Mist Toner & Moisturizing Cream. My normally dry skin felt soft and supple all day long, everday. People commented on the radiance of my skin, too. Winter is the perfect time to grab a set, no matter your skin condition. The New Zealand born compay is all organic and provids products for sensitive, dry, normal, acneic and aging skin.

INVO Coconut Water: Hydrate from the inside

Winter weather can wreak havoc on your skin, making it dry & flaky, or sometimes just tight. Not to mention all the sweets we tend to eat at holidays parties all December long cause breakouts and redness. When your regular skincare routine isn't cutting it, try healing from the inside. When your skin is properly hydrated it actually practically glows. Without it, our skin cannot properly rid itself of toxins and can become irritated, inflamed, and congested, causing dryness, itchiness, blackheads, redness, acne, and blotchiness
Coconut water is increasingly popular as a source of hydration but it's  not just the sweet flavor. It packs more potassium than a banana, which is needed to rehydrate your cells after exercise, during hot weather, or after too much holiday boozing. 
We loved the fresh, pure taste of INVO Coconut water. Each bottle of INVO Coconut Water is packed with 5 essential electrolytes to give your skin the moisture it needs.  It is also extremely low in sugar and 99% fat free!  INVO uses a cold pasteurization process (dubbed “Cold Crafting”), which locks in all the nutrients your body loves and gives that freshly cracked coconut water experience, just as nature intended. 

Available in three delicious flavors: Pure, Tropical and Sencha Green Tea, you can choose your favorite.



Hangover Cure for your Skin: Frownies Rose Water Spray

After a few late-nights at recent holiday parties I found my skin to look more irritated and dry than usual. I decided it was time to give it some TLC. The Rose Water Spray from Frownies is soothing, hydrating, anti-aging, and smells great. Even some fine lines were made less visable! Made of essential rose of oil, organic aloe vera, plant-based hyaluronic acid, and comfrey the Rose Water spray provides antioxidant protection and skin soothing action. It's perfect in cold weather months and after a long night. The spray can be used before moisturizer or over makeup to set the look.

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