Petal Drop LA

Betwixt two archaic buildings in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, a botanical shower was released into the alleyway below. This was all part of an installation called Petal Drop LA(01). 7,000 cups of flower petals were gathered from a local flower farm and released in hopes to mesmerize and touch passersby. Also incorporating a more sentimental side, slips of paper were given out to leave a little memory or piece of your experience behind. The artists, who remained anonymous, claim that they've been fantasizing about dropping flower petals on industrial sites for quite some time now. Regardless of what you took from the experience, it's safe to say that the message was certainly lying on the theme of delicate beauty meets gritty and mundane. To bring out the serenity and magic in the world masked behind the hindrances of everyday life.


Photos by Josh Fogel
Story by Dakota Nate