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Burger A-Go-Go

Burger A-Go-Go

Ever dreamt of the ultimate babe take over? Consider Burger A-Go-Go your living daydream. Last Saturday Santa Ana’s Observatory hosted Burger Records' 2nd annual Burger A-Go-Go which proved to be a total babe oasis. One day jam-packed with 26 bands all lead by chicks slaying the contemporary music scene. Trust us when we say, this is no mirage – these girls mean business. 

Burger Records is no stranger to making waves in the local California music scene. For several years the label has created an entire scene that transcends way beyond just recording bands & producing their music. The entire label has a vibe in and of itself, aiming to give the audience raw, honest and truly creative music to believe in. 

With epic headliners like The Julie Ruin (featuring feminist icon Kathleen Hanna) and living legend Chan Marshall of Cat Power, the night was inevitably destined for greatness. History unfolded as Sonic Youths’ Kim Gordon and Tomorrows Tulips’ Alex Knost collaborative project Glitterbust debuted their first ever performance, melting minds & sending the audience into awe.

And of course, no festival would be complete without amazing vendors. Tons of colorful vintage threads spanning across every decade were sold out of California Dreamin’ busses aligning the entrance. Clara’s Cakes satisfied the audiences’ sweet tooth with incredibly delicious homemade vegan snacks while gallery owners Adi Rajkovic & Teryn Brown laid back at their Sunday booth selling zines & shirts from other local Californian artists. 

At one point I looked around only to realize for every 1 dude there were 5 chicks, and believe me, that’s truly a rarity. Electric excitement filled the air between both artists & attendees alike as girls ran from stage to stage to catch their favorite bands and hear some new talent. We spoke to some of the rad babes involved with the festival, here’s what they had to say: 



Rookie or Veteran: 2nd year playing

Fave Female Bands right now: Savages are a new favorite, we just got turned on to them. Coathangers, Peach Kelli Pop,  oh shit – Shannon & the Clams, definitely Shannon & the Clams

Excited to See Later: Kim Gordon & Alex’s band, The Julie Ruin, We’ve seen them before & they’re awesome. Cat power – I’ve never seen Cat Power before, if she plays ‘He War’ & Dave Ghrol comes out & plays drums I might have to change my pants (to which I assure her we’ll get her some depends). 

Death Valley Girls:

Rookie or Veteran: 2nd year playing.

Excited to See Later: Julie Ruin

Fave Female Bands right now:  My roommate Shannon’s band, Feels, Gross Bitch, Chain & the Gang has a girl! Stars at Night, White Mystery who we just played with at Gnar Burger. The weirdest thing is I don’t think about bands being girls or boys, so when I’m asked what’s my favorite chick band it’s like, I have no idea, I can’t remember what’s a boy and what’s a girl. It’s like everybody’s the same.

Pearl Charles:

Rookie or Veteran: 2nd year playing

Excited to See Later: Cat Power. I love punk music, don’t get me wrong, but I definitely lean a little more towards the folk-y vibe. It’ll be fun to see Cat Power though – it’ll be just like in high school!

Fave Female Bands right now:  Fleetweood Mac. People don’t lump them in that chick band category but even today I was talking to someone & they were like ‘oh Fleetwood Mac I love her, I love Stevie Nicks?? But I was like come on, Christine McVie doesn’t get enough credit.

Peach Kelli Pop:

Rookie or Veteran: 2nd year

Excited to See Later: The Julie Ruin. This’ll be my first time seeing her in person, I’m so excited

Fave Female Bands right now:  Oh there’s so many. Badlands makes really amazing & passionate music. Our keyboardist’s bands Jane Lane. Alex, our guitar player’s solo project Bed Bits.


Rookie or Veteran: It’s our first time!

Excited to See Later: Summer Twins, even though I’ve seen them a million times, it always makes my day better. Death Valley Girls & Feels!

Fave Female Bands right now: Feels is just up there, they just fucking rip. Portishead, The Breeders, Bjork, Land of Talk, Rilo Kiley, Courtney Barnett and Definitely Always.


Rookie or Veteran: It’s our 2nd year. We played last year and it’s super exciting to be back again. Everyone that’s here is so down to party & down for the cause. It’s so incredible, inspiring & empowering to see all these chicks running around everywhere. I’m loving the vibe today!!

Excited to See Later: Cat Power. Me and my boyfriend are so stoked. He’s got a poster in his room & everything. Kathleen Hanna & The Julie Ruin. I’m trying not to show it, but I’m screaming inside!

Fave Female Bands right now: Gwen Stefani. I’ve loved her my whole life, especially No Doubt. Everything about her inspires me.

Summer Twins

Cherry Glazerr


Rookie or Veteran: 2nd year

Excited to See Later: Julie Ruin, Kim Gordon, Cat Power. We missed Sex Stains at the pre-party yesterday with the Coathangers, so we’re bummed on that.

Fave Female Bands right now:  I don’t really think about it that way. Gym Shorts are tight. Tomorrows Tulips, best girl band, most beautiful I’ve ever seen. Meatbodies have a pretty good girl vibe going, oh and King Tuff - gorgeous!

Story by Courtney Melahn
Photos by Sonia Kissin

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