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Aubrey Plaza

Aubrey Plaza

Aubrey Plaza is giving one of the most electrifying performances on television right now, and it’s one that doesn’t hinge on sarcasm. In her current roles in FX’s Legion and two Sundance gems Ingrid Goes West and The Little Hours, she is poised to go from the mean girl on Parks & Recreation to an Emmy hopeful. Below are some highlights from her cover story for Rogue's Summer Issue N°6.

Blazer & Pants by Any Old Iron / Shoes by Jimmy Choo

Plaza on being typecast as deadpan:
“Being a ‘deadpan’ actor and comedian is harder than people think. Being funny with doing nothing at all is a skill that some people have honed that is really hard. There is a lot going on, even though it seems like there’s nothing going on. The frustrating thing about being labeled as ‘deadpan’ is that, for me, [characters] are human beings that have so many things going on and motivations for everything.”

“I’m surprisingly more shy socially than people would expect. I just turn into my 13-year-old awkward, loser self when I’m trying to make new friends, and I’m not very good at it. It’s easy for me to be fearless when I’m taking on roles because I don’t have to be myself. Being my actual self is more terrifying than anything. Big time.”

Blouse by Balenciago

On her inspiration for her character Lenny on Legion:

"There was something about that imagery that stuck with me. I started getting really excited about playing a gender-fluid character and playing kind of a rock-star character. I like the idea that Lenny, even though she’s a villain, is fun and has this almost-Beetlejuice energy — evil but delightful. In my mind, in [Lenny’s] mind, she’s a rock star in her own way. I wanted to keep that performative thing going with the character. I think it’s more fun. Someone who’s that evil and that narcissistic, they don’t think of themselves as bad. They’re having a great time.”

Jacket by Givenchy / Earrings Loree Rodkin

Top by Michael Costello / Skirt by On Aura Tout Vu

On her double duties as producer and star of Ingrid Goes West:
"It was so fulfilling for me to be involved from the beginning and to see it through to the end. Normally, as an actor you have no control. You show up and do your part and hope for the best. As a producer, you can really put your stamp on something. It was really satisfying for me to have the power to change things. But psychologically, it was hard for me to be in the space of playing Ingrid and tracking her emotional journey while also thinking, ‘We need more cookies at craft service!’ or whatever was the fuck was happening. It was a hard but amazing experience, and I would do it again.”


Photography by Brantley Gutierrez
Styling by Jessica Paster
Fashion Direction by Gorge Villalpando
Creative Direction by Heather Seidler
Hair by Rod Ortega
Makeup by Mai Quynh
Written by Sonya Singh


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